Funeral Service

The Ghousia Funeral Service was established in 2005 by Allama Chishti Sahib after he felt the need of the community to have their own Muslim funeral service who understood the needs of the Muslim’s better than a regular funeral service.
Alhamdullilah till date the Ghousia Funeral Service has carried out over three hundred funerals successfully. These include burials all over the UK and repatriation of bodies to overseas in various countries.
The Ghousia Funeral Service is the ONLY Muslim Funeral service in Bedfordshire which has its own state of the art mortuary and is also approved by the NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors).
Ghousia Funearl Service can take care of all your funeral needs including Kafan (shroud), flowers, food, and airline tickets. We also have an ambulance service in Pakistan which can transport the body to your home village.

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